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Our Work

TRESemme | Product Launch


Why take a #Reversie and share your hair? To join the #VolumeRevolution, of course. We have started a movement to spread the word about soft, touchable, voluminous hair.

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Ivari | Branding


Following its change in ownership, what can we do to help Transamerica Life reinvent itself?

A full strategic rebranding exercise to create a new identity that included a name, logo, and brand standards.

We created IVARI

Knorr | Multi-channel


At 4 p.m. each day, three out of four Canadians do not know what they are having for dinner.

That’s why we created the innovative ‘What’s for Dinner?’ program and made Knorr an inspirational cooking partner.

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Travel Cuts | Website Redesign


How can travelcuts leverage their brand heritage as the source for cheap tickets and off-the-beaten-track travel, increase their brand appeal with the millennial traveler, and redefine their digital experience to become a “one stop online shop” for everything travel?

Here’s how

Degree #beTheFirst | Activation


How can Unilever launch their new Dry Spray Antiperspirant in a way that connects to their target audience and makes a real impact?

Here’s how.

Our Culture is Our Advantage



by Donna Hui

With so much buzz around the recreational cannabis market in Canada, we wanted to better understand what Canadians think about their weed…their perceptions and behaviour. Thanks to all who participated in the survey!



2016 Cassie – Unilever / Dry Spray Launch

What makes the Cassies unique is that it celebrates “The Work That Worked” meaning entries are equally evaluated against their brilliance in marketing, but also their strong results as measured through sales and other performance KPIs. In our category “Off to a Good Start” 3 Bronze medals were awarded and 1 Silver, which speaks to how competitive this year’s awards were. At the time of the submission we had only 6 months of results under our belt, and our momentum has only gotten stronger since then.

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2015 RX Club Award

The Rx Club Show continues to honor the creative aspects of healthcare advertising and promotion. The show is judged in various categories by a panel of industry experts and is based solely on creativity.

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