Written by Richard Marcil on March 3, 2014
in Healthcare Marketing

2012 was the year of mobile.  Then, 2013 was the year of mobile.  Hype aside, the world is mobile in 2014.  Full stop.

Check out Forrester Research’s 2014 Mobile Trends presentation, which is based on a recent research report titled 2014 Mobile Trends For Marketers.  I would suggest only glancing through the piece.  To me, its key message really isn’t about mobile or digital marketing, but truly about consumer, patient and HCP behaviour.

More specifically, data shows that all of us (whether consumers, patients or HCP’s) are truly and meaningfully ‘always on’ and have ready access to what we want 24/7.  It’s become expectation that brands be available 24/7 in the channel of “my” choice.  Some marketers and companies have begun exploiting such opportunities (think CPG, food, retail, telco, etc), which has further reinforced consumer, patient and HCP expectations. Make sure to see these examples of real-time marketing through this year’s Oscars, from big and small brands.

What does that mean for us as healthcare marketers?  Like it or not, we have to play catch up. While most industries and brands are in fact lagging consumer behaviour, it’s especially challenging in healthcare given our regulatory constraints.  But it’s by no means impossible.  In fact, there’s significant opportunity ahead for those who lead aggressively.  Most brands have done patient journey work, for example, but few have truly dug in to understand how to activate against consumer, patient and HCP needs and wants (in real time).  With a smart methodical approach, there’s little doubt that we can activate against these needs, from the zero moment of truth, to the first, and to the second.

Time to get “on” with it…

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