Written by Mark Michaud on March 20, 2012
in Content Strategy

I was showing a prospective client around our office last week and when we reached our design studio they  asked me, “Where do the copywriters sit?”

It’s a telling question,  one we hear regularly and welcome as it offers an opportunity to draw the distinction between Ariad and more traditional agencies. We don’t have “copywriters” as such and the writers and editors we have aren’t attached to the studio. We are, as we like to say, “organized for content”.

Getting organized for content has become a hot topic as companies are recognizing the power of content to build deeper relationships with customers, that drive sales. With Ariad’s history in custom publishing, we have the benefit of having a strong editorial team in place and a bias for hiring account folks with strong editorial and content skills.

Today, being organized for content means more than the physical location of your writing staff. In a world of digital and social media and multichannel customer journeys, it means creating new ways of conceiving content, planning for its creation and propagation, governing its approval and release to the world, and measuring its impact and spread.

For Ariad, that has meant new activities – most of them done outside of the traditional editorial group. It means new strategic tools like our Content Ecosystem Map, new production flows, and content teams that include people from the disciplines of editorial, design, technology and marketing.

Last year, we created a Content Strategy Meet-up Group to monitor and plan for what being “organized for content” will mean in the future.

Perhaps it’s better if we say that we are organizing for content. For it’s a journey, not a department.

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