Written by Josh MacKinnon on June 19, 2015
in Strategic Marketing

Father’s day will mark the end of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation’s (one of our fantastic clients) Canadian Men’s Health Week, and here at Ariad we have decided to take the pledge. The program was created by the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) as a week-long awareness campaign leading up to Father’s Day to inspire Canadian men to live healthier lives by way of pledging to themselves and their loved ones that they will make healthier choices in their daily lives. Why is this important? Because the average Canadian man spends the last 9 years of his life in poor health, often related to his previous lifestyle choices, and 70% of chronic health conditions are caused by lifestyle, while only 30% are genetic. Convincing Canadian men to make incremental changes in their lifestyle has been a staple of the CMHF’s messaging strategy, as you may remember from their “Don’t Change Much” campaign.

The campaign encouraged men to pledge to make healthier choices – whether it’s taking the stairs, choosing salad as a side, or eating more broccoli  and post their pledge photo or video on social media with the hashtag #MensHealthWeek where it was seen alongside other men across Canada. Here at Ariad, we encouraged our employees to take the pledge themselves and spread the world to their fathers, grandfathers, brothers and uncles to help improve their health. We weren’t alone in taking the pledge either, as the CMHF got support from Canadian superstar Michael Bublé via Twitter, and Hockey Night in Canada announcer Jim Hughson via YouTube.


As the CMHF’s strategic communications agency, Ariad assisted with the content creation for the Men’s Health Week website, and works in tandem with the CMHF to help develop their sponsorship strategy and campaigns. We look forward to working with the CMHF on the great campaigns to come to help Canadian men live longer, fuller, and healthier lives.

Josh MacKinnon is a Senior Account Director at Ariad Communications.

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