Written by Baron Manett on December 6, 2013
in Content Strategy

As we wrap up 2013, our team at Ariad has been looking back at a year where Content Marketing grew in awareness, priority and focus for so many marketers. Looking to 2014, we don’t see the interest and passion for Content Marketing slowing down at all, but we do see strong opportunities and thinking on Content Marketing developing out of this excitement.

2014 will see brands stop making a bunch of “stuff” called content and heighten their thinking around the importance of context.  Content will serve our audience’s more when brand marketers do a better job understanding when, where and why their content will connect and drive action.   This will allow marketers and brands the chance to gain audience insights from their content initiatives.  Rather than talking at our audience, content and the attention it earns can provide future planning opportunities to add value and creative better content at each stage.

Content marketing’s role along the customer journey is powerful.  Not only in the final stages, but also throughout the path to purchase, as well as onboarding and retention contribution.  It is no longer about making a lot of content, but it is aligning Content Marketing to what our audiences want and need – when they want and need it.  Happy marketing New Year everyone.  See you in 2014!!

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