Written by Greg Elliott on May 30, 2012
in Digital Marketing, Email Marketing

We are all guilty of it, but today I am appealing to my fellow marketers to stop using the term “email blast.” This term really represents a fundamental problem with many marketers approach to email marketing strategies.

Email Blast = SPAM

Yes we all know that back in the early days of email, the technology available really only allowed a company to use a “batch and blast approach.” Simply collect a large list of subscribers, and send them a mass email marketing message once a week. This was successful for many businesses, for a very long time. However this was before our recipients inboxes were flooded with hundreds of email messages a day. This “batch and blast” approach didn’t require much thought, and was just considered as an affordable way to reach a large audience.

Truthfully, this is SPAM – sending un-targeted, irrelevant marketing messages to a wide audience, in hopes of getting a few leads. This type of strategy has contributed to the decline of open, click and engagement rates for all email marketers. The more irrelevant a message you send, the less likely the recipient will read it. You have to start by understanding your customer’s needs and then fulfill those needs with useful and relevant content that allows them to make decisions faster.

We have the technology!

Today, email marketers are armed with many weapons that can get them away from this “batch and blast” email approach. Marketers need to begin thinking of their email marketing strategies differently, using web and social analytics, customer purchase histories, recipient engagement histories and explicit and implied customer preferences to begin creating highly targeted and highly relevant email marketing campaigns that maps to your customer journey (the when, why and how your customers purchase).

This is the type of thinking marketers need to employ around their email marketing programs. Make sure to navigate away from the “email blast” approach and move more into targeted, dynamic and relevant messaging strategies. Your metrics and subscribers will thank you.


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