Written by Ariad Communications on May 15, 2012
in Content Strategy

I originally started writing this halfway through day one at Confab. After a couple of sessions the theme that’s standing out is how important it is to secure buy-in to the foundations of your content program from across your organization.

The first two presentations I attended kept coming back to the same questions: how to get buy-in for content decisions in the first place, and then how to keep the organization on-track once a content program is up and running?

And in all the discussions and the Q&A the answer, at least in part, seems to come down to having the organizational stakeholders agree on some fundamentals right up front:

  1. The customer – their journey and their goals
  2. Editorial plan – the content that’s needed to help customers meet those goals
  3. Governance – the rules about content production

If everyone involved signs up to these core elements then you make the whole program less subjective. If someone wants a picture of a frog on the homepage, refer back to the customer journey and their goals. If someone wants to add a new section on the mobile app, refer to the editorial plan and governance rules.

Framing all your decisions through the lens of your customer and how you serve your customer takes all hunches, and preferences out of the equations. Which means your programs become easier to manage, and will ultimately deliver the business results you’re looking for.

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