Written by Mark Michaud on September 11, 2012
in Content Strategy

One of the most common topics in books, conferences and blogs from the content strategy community is how to get buy-in for content work from senior executives. It conjures up a picture of a few, brave content strategy souls who “get it” trying valiantly to spread the word about the power of content in the organizations they work for.

But what if everyone got it?

When working on our new whitepaper, we asked ourselves, “What does it look like when a company really does believe in the power of content, when the core business relies on content to succeed, or much of the business itself is content?” Consider:

  • IKEA spends 70% of its global marketing budget on its iconic catalogue
  • TripAdvisor gets 50 new user contributions every minute and oversees 75 million user reviews and 11 million user photographs
  • Groupon employs hundreds of comedians/copywriters who must master and not deviate from the (in)famous “Groupon voice”
  • Coca-Cola has put its $7 billion brand in the hands of a global marketing strategy called content excellence

The answer to our query led to our whitepaper’s title: Content Changes Everything. From the C-suite to technology infrastructure to talent management to corporate counsel, a company that truly depends on content will marshal resources far beyond the usual suspects to plan, create, distribute, store, measure, govern and protect that content.

So if you hoped that finally getting the boss to see the light and give you the approvals and resources you need means that you can get back to your desk and work in peace, think again. In these companies, content is far too important just to be left to the web team, or the marketing department, or the content strategists.

We think content is a big idea. And it changes everything.

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