Written by Jason Dojc on August 28, 2014
in Giving Back

#Icebucetchallenge is on route to earning over $100 million, an unheard of windfall for the ALS Association and any one off charity campaign. Generally speaking, only major disasters like Typhoon Hayian in the Phillipines (over $300 million) generate that kind of money in a single campaign.

It is heartwarming to see so many people getting involved in a worthy cause and I hope the money makes its way to a major breakthrough in treating ALS.


And yet the marketer in me worries a little. I’m worried that agencies and their clients  may get so enamoured by the #icebucketchallenge campaign that attempts will be made to make a copycat “viral challenge”…which won’t work.

Here are various #icebucketchallenge ‘takeaways’ seen around the Internet:

  • You need a challenge that gets people to challenge others
  • The challenge must be simple and YouTube-worthy
  • Celebrities or “Key Influencers” need to participate


None of these are actionable because they’re too broad to have any practical value.

Yes, let’s celebrate #icebucketchallenge for doing a great job harnessing our content creating energies to a great cause. And let’s not forget that as much as we love hit campaigns, sound strategy from an insight that comes from a deep understanding of your customer is what leads to sustainable success over the long term. My message to fellow marketers: Participate. Donate. But don’t replicate. The tactic that worked yesterday doesn’t necessarily work today or as Sun Tzu more eloquently put it

Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances.


We look forward to the next hit campaign that raises lots of money for a worthy cause. Until then a big shout out to the following Ariadites who completed the #icebucketchallenge:

Michael Beckerman


Richard Marcil


Vic Dinovici


Kim Yong-Set


Daniel Keogh


Baron Manett

Baron Manett’s #icebucketchallenge

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