Written by Richard Marcil on July 17, 2015
in Healthcare Marketing

If one element of the marketing mix has suffered from too much hype in recent years, it’s Non Personal Promotion (NPP). But the time may well have come for all of us to be pulling on the NPP lever far harder, and much faster.

Like we’re seeing with consumers, digital adoption is completely changing the traditional media consumption habits of HCP’s – think social media, think digital magazines, think Netflix, think multi screens, etc.

Recently we reviewed Manhattan Research’s annual market research study called Taking the Pulse Global, which focuses on how physicians use digital media and devices for professional purposes and for pharma interaction. And it’s quite telling.

Some of the key highlights include:

  • Desktops, smartphones and tablets are fully penetrated practices
  • Over 3/4 of physicians use all 3 devices over the course of a work day
  • Physicians average over 3 hours per day on “screens” – and 1/3 of that time is spent with patients
  • EMR use grew almost threefold in the past 7 years, from 26% to 75%
  • Email remains the workhorse tool, with social media used only marginally
  • Non-pharma resources such as Medscape, CMA and MDBriefCase significantly outpace any and all pharma resources
  • Physicians rely on independent sources 3:1 when learning about drug treatments
  • Print is practically dead

In some respect, none of this is new. But how quickly and significantly HCP behaviour has shifted in 2-3 years is a call to action. We, as pharma marketers, continue to promote our brands in ways that are more attuned to the HCP of 5+ years ago.

That’s why as part of 2016 planning we need to push on test and learns far more aggressively – period. There’s little business risk in doing so, and much to gain from getting in tune with our HCP’s and how they consume information about our brands.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Are we providing front-line docs with access to KOL’s?
  2. Are we helping with quality self-learning, self-guided content?
  3. Have we optimized content for local needs?
  4. Have we delivered a positive user experience?
  5. Are we delivering meaningful brand service(s)?
  6. Are we facilitating patient engagement and support?

The good news is that there’s no lack of new tools and services for marketers to tap into. At Ariad Health we continue to stay ahead of the curve with our proprietary NPP Mix Manager to ensure that brand marketers have the best tools available.

Whatever you do, consider that – in 2016 – the riskiest strategy is maintaining the status quo.

Richard Marcil is the General Manager of Ariad Health.

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