Written by Richard Marcil on August 15, 2016
in Healthcare Marketing, Technology

Every one of us realizes the power of personal, meaningful connections. The more personalized engagement is, the better, whether it’s with a HCP, a patient or a consumer. But that’s easier said than done in health marketing.

Engaging HCP’s on a 1-to-1 basis has historically been the purview of sales teams, who’ve owned CRM/CLM and salesforce automation systems.  Most often these systems have been complex, closed and of limited functionality to marketers.

Engaging patients or consumers on a 1-to-1 basis has been a bit of a dream in the absence of the right technology, lots of data, and an ability to scale relationships with possibly thousands and thousands of people.

But as we polish second half 2016 and 2017 plans, we need to get serious about marketing automation.  Why? Because HCP’s are accessing medical information and content well beyond the sales rep. Because patients and consumers expect us to interact with them as smartly as Amazon.ca or Bestbuy.ca. Because we now have marketing automation tools and technology that allow us to do the above, effectively and efficiently.

We work with a number of marketing automation platforms across clients, but have teamed up with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to develop solutions specifically for pharma, biotech and medical devices marketers. The opportunity is to automate inbound and outbound marketing and sales activities, manage complexity, test & learn on the fly, and continuously improve efforts (e.g. content, email, mobile, social, search, communities, analytics, etc.). The outcome is deepening your relationships with HCP’s, patients and consumers.

Is adopting marketing automation easy? No, it requires a diligent assessment of available technologies; the collaboration of Marketing and Sales, Customer Service and IT; and the learning of new organizational competencies altogether. Is it a silver bullet? No, it’s developing short- to long-term marketing and sales capabilities as well as building competitive advantage.

Want to learn more?  Just Google it – there is lots of good insights across industry and research portals.  Or check out Salesforce Marketing Cloud, as an example, to see some features of one of today’s best marketing automation solutions as well as to test ride the technology across applications and case studies. These are truly exciting times to be a marketer.

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Richard Marcil is the General Manager at Ariad Health.

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