Written by Mark Michaud on May 29, 2012
in Content Strategy

Marketers are moving to a more content-centric approach – some because it’s the marketing trend of the moment, some because they have discovered it offers the best way to create real engagement with customers. But there is another benefit that many have not even noticed yet but that addresses a key pain point: Great content helps make peace with sales.

Sales and marketing alignment remains more wish than reality. We all know the familiar refrains: “Sales doesn’t understand the brand and continually undermines it by going off script and butchering our collateral.” And from the other side: “Marketing spends all this money on stuff I can’t use and doesn’t understand how business gets done in the real world.”

I have worked with both sales forces and marketing teams for over a decade. More often than not, as I work to bring the two sides together, the exasperated sales folks say, “Just give me a story to tell to get the conversation going and I can do the rest.”

Well, the marketers are finally in agreement. The successes of content marketing have taught us the importance of getting the conversation going in order to build the kind of engagement marketers have always sought but seldom achieved. Increasingly, the focus on product features and benefits have given way to engaging the target customer on their terms and demonstrating the value we offer to people’s lives. And the traditional channels are making room for social ones that can better foster that conversation.

What is that loud, unfamiliar noise you ask? A great big “thank you” from sales.

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