Written by Marnie Kramarich on September 5, 2012
in Content Strategy

After day one at the festive Content Marketing World conference in Columbus, we’re noticing an interesting rift. On the one hand, the technology vendors (Skyword, Kapost, Marketo, Brightcove, and dozens more) have developed amazing whiz-bang capabilities for content distribution and measurement. Truly fascinating functionality. But on the other hand, the questions we are hearing in Q&As from marketers are still foundational and telling us that few are ready to take advantage of the features these vendors offer. We’re hearing: How do we know what content our buyers really want? How do we get buy-in from the C-Suite for content marketing? How do we tell a good story about the value we bring – and in B2B marketing, are case studies all there is?

Great questions all and we’re glad to hear marketers are being thoughtful and want to get the fundamentals right. True brand engagement through content is hard work – building buyer personas, mapping their journey to purchase, and determining content needs along the way takes research and planning. The good news is that once you’ve invested the time to develop these key assets, they are there for you to use for ongoing content development and validation of marketing decisions. And evidently, once you’ve got your content equation sorted – your value story, content mapped to journeys — the technology is now available to make deployment and reporting easy. One less thing to worry about as marketers!

We love seeing the “soft” and “hard” sides of content marketing all mashed up in one conference. It’s making for a productive kind of tension and no end of lively conversations!

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