Written by Ariad Communications on July 31, 2012
in Customer Experience

We hear so often about the importance of “knowing your audience.” But, this sort of discovery usually happens in an office setting, four walls, fluorescent lighting, gathered around a table for a face to face or a conference call.

Sometimes that deep dive finds us going nearly a mile underground into a subterranean network of passages and tunnels hacked out of solid rock. It’s Vale’s, the world’s second largest miner, Copper Cliff Mine in Sudbury, Ontario and it’s where we went to understand how we might better communicate with and reach out to workers underground in an environment vastly different from that of their corporate brethren in Toronto. We put on hard hats, safety lamps, work boots and coveralls to taste and touch as much of the miner’s life as possible. To experience the specificity of life underground, those little things, like the wonder of seeing it rain in a tunnel 3,000 feet below the surface, that could never be communicated in a presentation or deck.

Experiencing that reality gave us fresh perspective and helped provide us with direction on how we could truly reach and connect with this audience.

In the end, the work we did beneath the earth was no different from what we strive to do every day, to gain insight by seeing life as it’s experienced through the eyes of someone else, but there’s no denying that it was one hell of a ride.

Checkout our full adventure:


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