Written by Baron Manett on June 11, 2012
in Email Marketing

Ask around and most marketers will tell you email is dead. Social is where it’s at. And you better get used to it. But not so fast. Email was social media 1.0. It’s also the channel of choice for customers looking to get updates on products and promotions from the brands they love. Most importantly, email has a proven track record of delivering credible ROI.

That’s why I’m committed to setting the record straight when it comes to email. That’s the purpose of paper I just wrote: “5 ways to drive in-store sales with marketing.” It’s part of a practical marketing series we are working on at Ariad titled Marketing that Makes Sense.

Think of it as a library of practical papers marketers working in the trenches can use to help make more informed tactical decisions. Keep a look out for more papers. Future topics will include: customer journey mapping, demystifying the patient consumer and content strategy basics.

Download a copy
Check it out for yourself and tell me what you think. Download the report now. Also, if you like what you read be sure to share with colleagues.


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