Written by Colin Withers on November 17, 2015
in Organizational Design

Moving. Many organizations view it as a necessary evil when a lease expires. But with the right resources and a strategic approach, an office move can become an opportunity to increase productivity, to improve ways to communicate, to integrate new technologies, and to evolve your brand’s identity.

For us, the decision to move offices was driven by the rapid growth of our business. But we didn’t just want more space – we wanted a space that reflected the cutting edge work we turn out for our clients every day. That’s we we turned to one of our own clients, Colliers Canada, for assistance in finding the unique space we needed.

The result is an office that rates off the chart on employee satisfaction, has improved workplace efficiency, and provides us with an office that we are proud to show our clients:

  • 93% of employees surveyed agreed that the new space enables them to work more collaboratively
  • 93% of employees believe that the new office space has improved their productivity
  • 88% of employees state that Ariad’s new space inspires them to be more creative

See for yourself

Want a peek into our new office space and how it came to be? Check out the video that chronicles the journey from search to move-in.

Get the full story

For the full story behind how Colliers helped us find our new home, download the case study.

Colin Withers is the Brand & Communications Manager at Ariad Communications.

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