Written by Jason Dojc on July 14, 2014
in Customer Experience

Saw a post online asking the question “Has the customer journey gotten more complex or is it just that we’re now seeing more of it?”

The answer is: Yes…and Yes.

Yes, we’re just seeing more of it especially in traditionally high involvement purchases like cars. A simplified high level automobile purchase customer journey would be research > dealership experience > purchase > servicing and the researching part meant asking numerous friends and getting a ballpark price from Kelly Blue Book. The same journey and extensive research phase of finding out how people rate different cars and what they should pay exists today only the number of sources consulted is much larger and it tends to leave a digital trail.

And yes, some customer journeys have become more complex. Picking a restaurant where you’ve never been used to be a matter of walking by and checking the menu. Now we have to check ratings on Yelp and Urban Spoon first. Deciding where to go on vacation used to mean asking a few friends. That still happens, (though we ask our social media acquaintances as well), and it’s become a more extensively researched endeavor with visits to 38 different sites before booking.

Google calls the act of extensive pre-shopping online research the Zero Moment of Truth and it’s happening because the information is out there and easily available. The result, previously ‘lower involvement’ purchases i.e. purchases that we didn’t think too much about are becoming a little higher involvement. And that means more complex customer journeys for those products.

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