Written by Richard Marcil on November 1, 2012
in Healthcare Marketing

On a flight out West last week, I was able to read the November issue of Fast Company magazine from cover to cover.  Titled “How to lead in a time of chaos,” the magazine spends a surprising amount of time on healthcare challenges and start ups, and truly paints a picture of rich, rich opportunity.

However, for many of us — whether we work in pharmaceuticals, medical-device companies or even the healthcare system itself — our world seems needlessly complex, slow-moving and somewhat yesteryear.

For healthcare is both a challenging and a challenged business.

Headwinds and chaos abound, from an aging population, overworked health professionals and bloating costs to thinning new drug pipelines and the deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Yet, innovation is everywhere.  The digital revolution is empowering the consumer and the patient like never before.  And it’s fuelling healthcare informatics, which can only usher in more efficient delivery and better care.

Fast Company did a great job of covering innovative start ups like Rock Health, Medgle, Practice Fusion and http://www.goodrx.com/.  But is also showcases the work of the biggest players, like IBM, that are developing software designed to dramatically increase health professional decision-making and speed of delivery.

Closer to home, check out the work of Canada’s Hacking Health, an organization dedicated to fostering collaboration between health and IT experts. The group holds a semi-annual “hackathon” event that gathers together health professionals, techies and industry representatives to solve real day-to-day challenges. All in the course of a weekend.

So the future of healthcare is closer than we think.  All we need are leaders, inside and outside of the “establishment” to disrupt, innovate and deliver Healthcare 2.0.




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