Written by Richard Marcil on November 26, 2015
in Customer Experience

Now that most of our brands are done with 2016 planning, Forrester Research has released an excellent piece titled Predictions 2016: The New Benchmark For Brand Management.  It’s a compelling read, if not a call to action.

The short of it is that brands need to get serious about customer experience – whether the customer is a consumer, a patient or a HCP:

  • Customer experience is at the heart of great brand management as it leads to engagement and conversion – in a way that reach & frequency can’t
  • We need to translate the brand promise into a real customer engagement strategy, e.g. from mass to mobile to trial/purchase/recommendation to support
  • One agency can’t do it all, especially if anchored in a traditional AOR mandate; furthermore, customer experience is very local – something our global AOR’s can’t possibly understand and support
  • Brands will need to fake “perfect personalization” using batch processing; we’re not retailers or banks and don’t have access to a ton of rich data – but customer expectations are the same
  • Think of scoring experiences on the 3 dimensions of: (1) Frequency of interaction; (2) Depth of emotional engagement; and (3) Degree of value/impact/convenience delivered

So how do your “new” 2016 programs deliver against the above? That’s the challenge of consumer behavior and digital revolution – goals posts are always moving.

Richard Marcil is the General Manager at Ariad Health.

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