Written by Ariad Communications on December 13, 2012
in Healthcare Marketing

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Eye for Pharma’s Digital Marketing Canada Conference. There was a lot of interesting information over the two-day gathering. but the one theme that consistently jumped out was the role of social media as a digital channel in Pharma.

There’s no denying that social media is becoming an increasingly popular channel to gather information from, especially as patients and physicians steadily adopt digital technologies for speedy access to disease information. Although the expectation for faster and more direct access between industry, HCPs and patients continues to increase, Pharma marketers have been slow to adopt compared with other industries.  With an ever-changing regulatory landscape, internal hesitation, and a mountain of restrictions, it’s no wonder the road to social adoption is slow moving.

However, while regulatory limitations may be challenging, they’re not impossible! Innovative marketers are out there and they continue to push ahead. Through trial and error, these marketers will find themselves to be among the first to bridge the social/pharma gap and, soon enough, will be able to offer opportunities for direct engagement and value added services (for example, through Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and Pinterest) to a wider patient audience hungry for disease information.  Afterall, that’s what the  PatientConsumer™ is looking for.

It’s certainly exciting times to be a marketer in the pharma space!

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