Written by Michael Beckerman on February 29, 2012
in Strategic Marketing

Why are so many brands still missing the mark? The conclusion I’ve recently come to:  too many marketers have lost the plot when it comes to planning.

We have more technologies and more channels enabling us to connect with our customers in more meaningful ways than ever before. But too often marketers seem to be making decisions that are led by the timelines of specific tactics – rather than decisions based on proper planning.

Proper planning is all about one thing: your customers. You need to understand them, their journey, and the gap between the ideal and actual customer experience. When you start with the customer, you will gain greater clarity on the objectives and strategy that will guide your planning process – ensuring that each interaction is a compelling one, delivered at the right time, within the right channel with the right message.

So don’t start planning with your mass strategy, don’t anniversary budgets by channel, and certainly don’t let the digital or the technology group lead the process. And if that means your organizational design has to change to reflect the new normal of the marketing environment, then don’t shy from that challenge. By putting some real discipline into a client-centric planning process you should be able to optimize your budgets and generate greater results.



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