Written by Ariad Communications on September 7, 2012
in Content Strategy

Is your company among the 36% who engage in content marketing but don’t feel your content is effective?  Content Marketing World 2012 hosted a roster of distinguished content marketing gurus with tips to help kick start your content marketing engine.  Here are just a few of the interesting insights from the conference:

  • Ensure the content you put out in the market adds value and isn’t just noise.  Better yet, provide your customers and prospects with utility that gives them a reason to connect with you.
  • Remember the scale of intimacy. For prospects, especially those early in the sales funnel, dial down the sales messaging and the navel-gazing and give prospects information they can use to make themselves feel smarter – which will help build credibility and trust for your brand. For your customers, you can cut to the chase and be more direct about your product features and benefits. But unless they’ve opted-out of receiving your communications for prospects, continue to send those to them as well.
  • When searching for thought leadership experts to interview or author your content, develop a profile of who your thought leader is. This will help ensure you find the right experts with whom to align your brand.
  • If you want to be a thought leader, have an opinion and share it. Be the best teacher at what you do and become a “trust agent”.
  • No single channel can exist in a vacuum — content is channel agnostic. So don’t forget to leverage multiple channels.
  • Game strategy (or gamification) is a fun way to deepen audience engagement, comprehension, participation and loyalty. Plus, it encourages sharing.
  • The key to content strategy? Listening to your customers and answering their questions!

Even if you’re satisfied with your content marketing efforts, it doesn’t hurt to re-examine your strategy from time-to-time and test to see what you can improve.

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