Written by Caroline Goodman on August 27, 2015
in Healthcare Marketing

The role of traditional pharmaceutical sales reps is changing. Today’s healthcare professional (HCP) is even more time constrained than ever. And, when you add that to the abundance of credible digital resources at their fingertips, how is a sales rep to compete?

Canadian HCPs are finding greater value in digital tools that are more easily integrated into their daily workflow. Case in point, the percentage of Canadian physicians using electronic medical records (EMRs) has tripled over the past seven years, increasing from about one-quarter of doctors in 2007 to three-quarters in 2014 (National Physician Survey, 2014).

As interactions with non-personal mediums start to displace personal conversations, pharmaceutical companies are collectively feeling the effects of inadequate reach, declining frequency, mediocre conversations, and overall lower engagement with HCPs.

This presents a major opportunity for brands to win back the HCP through integration in non-personal promotion (NPP) vehicles. But with hundreds of new vendors to consider, it’s difficult to know where to start, let alone which opportunities to pursue.

Ariad Health has developed a proprietary digital platform that can help resolve just that.

The NPP Mix Manager is an algorithm-based tool that combines our deep knowledge of HCPs, the Canadian health tech landscape, and a multitude of vendors, with insights on your specific challenge at hand, to produce a channel mix that will work best for your brand.

Click here to complete the tool and fill in our contact form. We’ll take a look at your NPP Mix results and keep the conversation going with you on how to extend your brand’s reach.

Caroline Goodman is a Senior Account Director at Ariad Communications and Ariad Health.

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