Written by Greg Elliott on August 15, 2016
in Technology

One of the newest advances in marketing technology is predictive intelligence. Quite simply, predictive intelligence uses the data your customers both submit willingly and provide behaviourally to tailor unique content for each customer that can be delivered across a number of different channels. There are four key components of predictive intelligence:

  1. Observe Behaviour & Ask Questions: Predictive intelligence only works if there are enough data points to truly craft individualized offerings and messages. These data points can be explicit (information your customers willingly provide in newsletter signups or loyalty programs for example) or implicit (web and email behaviour, for example). The key to leveraging predictive intelligence is to ensure that you have enough explicit and implicit data to know enough about your customer to trigger automated content.
  2. Create Profile of Preferences: Your customer’s data tells a story, but only if you are able to unpack that story. Using personas and customer journey maps, it’s vital for marketers to properly segment their customers by their preferences in order to decide when – and where – the segmentation triggers occur. By creating business rules and setting behavioural thresholds, marketers program predictive intelligence in order for it to run automatically when launched.
  3. Predict Next Best Content: At this stage, the marketing automation engine begins in earnest. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms (already included in Marketing Automation platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud), predictive intelligence can pair these with the business rules established earlier to predict what content your customer will likely be interested in.
  4. Automate Content Decisions & Personalize the Experience: Once predictive intelligence has its content prediction ready, the content can be deployed across a number of channels – from email to web to mobile to social. As the system continues to run, new insights on what channels each customer prefers will be uncovered and will be automatically incorporated into your marketing campaigns.

So, why is predictive intelligence something you need to incorporate into your mix? First of all, predictive intelligence is one of the best ways to deliver relevant and contextual content to your customers to create true 1:1 marketing. Consumer expectations across all industries are shifting and the days of batch-and-blast emails and post-and-pray social are over. In order to truly connect with your customers, you need to show that you know who they are, what they want, and where and they want to be reached.

Greg Elliott is the Vice President of Digital Messaging and CRM at Ariad Communications.

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