Written by Baron Manett on July 17, 2012
in Brand Strategy

It’s not often that a room full of marketers can come to a consensus. But on a recent panel discussion on BNN with fellow senior marketing executives, we seemed to do just that. We were discussing what makes a brand last. Overwhelming we agreed: brands that stand the test of time have a strong brand promise that they deliver on every single day. I also mentioned that those brands that last have three things in common:

Commitment – to living their brand promise day-in and day-out. They recognize that customers have come to count on them for something unique. If they fall down on that promise, they’ll pay the ultimate price.

Focus – to deeply understand what differentiates you and work day-in and day-out to retain that competitive advantage. But it’s also important to understand what you’re not.  Truly successful brands master their category before pivoting to the next market opportunity.

Flexibility – this one’s key and where most brands fall down. If the last few years have taught us anything, think RIM, an ability to adapt to changing consumer needs, without losing site of your core, is essential. If you market socks and underwear, should you also be making footwear? Maybe, but you better have compelling reason why.

Watch the discussion.

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