Written by Mark Michaud on July 22, 2015
in Thought Leadership, White Papers

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It used to be that we talked to our customers only when we had something to say: a product launch, a service change, a price promotion. Rightfully, those days are gone. Now we know that to be successful we need to talk to customers on their terms, when they have a need and when we can help them.

But when exactly is that?

Today’s marketers are faced with an abundance of technologies and tools, all promising to identify those moments of receptivity. Traditional insight tools try to deeply know customers through segmentation, CRM, customer profiling, user personas, journey maps and more. More recently, the behavioural data approach has offered a compelling alternative: without deeply knowing our customers we can assemble the data to watch and predict their behaviour. It is the promise of a better result – achieved more quickly, with less spend. But which approach is better for your business and for your customers? Traditional insights? Or new behavioural data?

For senior marketing executives, the obvious answer is “both.” Why wouldn’t we use all the tools at our disposal to know and serve our customers better? Sure – in a perfect world. But for marketers on the ground, planning cycle by planning cycle, campaign by campaign, it can be a lot harder to figure out.

In our latest whitepaper, we outline a framework to help marketers chose an approach to get closer to the holy grail of talking to your customers with the right content, in the right channel, at the right time. Our real world decision-making tool helps you decide if a traditional insights or behavioural data approach – or a hybrid – is right for your business. Armed with the approach that will best let you speak to your customers on their terms, we go on to outline the planning approaches and tools you will need to create marketing that truly connects with your customers.

Mark Michaud is SVP and Head of Strategy at Ariad Communications.

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